• We Work With Regulated Brokers
  • Segregated Client Funds
  • Client Deposits are Protected
  • Client Funds Held In Top Banks
  • Third-Party Verified Performance
  • Customized Risk-Revenue Parameters Preference
  • Experienced Financial & Technology Core Team
  • Institutional Grade Trading Algorithm & Strategy
  • Intelligent & Dynamic Automated Trading System
  • Beyond Human Technological Advantages

Our Partners:

Risk Disclosure: Trading in the foreign exchange market (FOREX) and investing in other financial instruments are associated with an increased level of risk arising from the leverage use, which can work in your favor or against you. Before you decide to open a trading account, make sure you are fully aware of the financial risk level according to your financial abilities, knowledge, analytical skills, practical trading skills, as well as an understanding of your own risk tolerance and self-control.


Trend Following

RyanCORE is designed to intelligently detect and follow trend movements for capital gains. With tireless 24×7 constant market movements monitoring and highly efficient trade execution, it is designed with capability to capitalize on trend moves in the market and nimble its way to achieving the objective of delivering consistent, steady capital appreciation over time, regardless of trend direction.


Mean Reversion

Mean Reversion is the theory suggesting that prices eventually move back toward the mean or average. It applies well to the ideas of buying low and selling high, by identifying abnormal price moves that will, theoretically, revert back to a normal pattern. RyanCORE‘s trade execution decision-making strategy leverages on Mean Reversion theory to achieve consistent capital appreciation over time.

Cost Averaging

Ask any professional trader what the hardest trading task is, he or she will likely tell you that it is picking bottoms and tops in the market. Trying to time the market is a very tricky strategy. Buying at the absolute low and selling at the peak is nearly impossible in practice. RyanCORE uses dynamic cost-averaging strategy to eliminate the risk of incurring heavy loss as a result of placing a large trade at the wrong timing.

RyanCORE Models and Performance

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RyanCORE Base Model

RyanCORE MAM Model

RyanCORE High Gain


Step 1


Select a partner broker of your preference and register a live trading account.

Step 2


Sign and submit a clear copy of signed LPOA to broker to join our MAM Program.

Step 3


Once broker linked your trading account to  our MAM, we will notify you of trading activation.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is RyanCORE?

RyanCORE is algorithmic trading system designed from scratch to mine wealth from the Foreign Exchange (Forex) market. Traditional mining uses mechanical tools to extract wealth from the ground, RyanCORE achieves the same using high-speed, autonomous financial technologies.

How Does RyanCORE Work?

RyanCORE is designed to work 24×7 autonomously without human intervention. It eliminates many shortcomings (emotions, discipline, physical limitation, speculating, rouge trading etc.) of manual human trading. RyanCORE capitalizes on Trend-Following, Mean Reversion and Cost-Averaging strategies to deliver consistent capital appreciation. Unlike many conventional trading strategies, RyanCORE’s performance is not tied to being correct in direction of the market movement.

Who Is RyanCORE For?

RyanCORE is designed for:

  • Individuals whom are seeking consistent capital appreciation and do not have the knowledge, time or willingness to trade.
  • Fund Managers whom are seeking consistent performer to add value to their Asset Under Management (AUM).
  • Individuals / Fund Managers whom are seeking diversification by including Forex market asset class in their investment portfolio.
What Are The Charges?

At the moment, RyanCORE Community-Edition is a broker-neutral, free MAM* service, offered to all casual-investors**, who are looking for investment-grade automated trading system that generate consistent monthly ROI with a very reasonable risk level. 

This is the same system used by Asset Management companies, serving high-net-worth individuals and professional fund management companies, offered to all casual-investors** as a free service.

*MAM: Multi-Account Manager
**Casual-investors refers to participants with trading account balance less than US$3,000.

If you are not a Casual-Investor, please contact us for more information.

What Is MAM Service?

MAM refers to Multi-Account Manager, a system offered by brokers to let MAM Manager stream trades to trading accounts authorized to follow / copy trades executed by MAM Manager. Your trading fund is always in your own posession and under your full control. As MAM Service Provider, we can never access fund in your trading account.

Which Forex Broker Can I Use?

RyanCORE currently work with the following regulated Forex brokers:

  2. HotForex
  3. IC Markets
  4. RoyalFX
  5. AXITrader
  6. IG Markets
  7. InstaForex
  8. TauroPro (China)
I Am A Casual-Investor. How Do I Get Started?
1. Open a Brokerage Account.
2. Fund your Brokerage Account.
3. Download/Install the MetaTrader 4 software.
4. Download/Install RyanCore onto your MT4 platform.
Download URL RyanCORE here. The entire download/installation of RyanCORE takes under 2 minutes. Take a look at video guide here.

Have Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.